21 Day Fix Fitness Program

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There are numerous health and fitness program that people are engaging nowadays. Due to the evident effects and results of these programs, an increase in demand is taking place. These programs are about weight loss, muscle building, making the body lean and fit and ensuring optimum wellness which are very suitable for people of any kind and origin. One of the new and trending programs around the fitness community is the 21 Day Fix Fitness Program. But are we familiar with this kind of fitness exercise at all?

Origin of 21 Day Fix

Ms. Autumn Calabrese is the one who started the fitness program 21 Day Fix. She is the one responsible for the creation of Mighty Mommies Fitness which is about keeping the body fit and healthy even you are a parent now. Ms. Calabrese experience in the fitness world and also her educational attainment were combined to come up with the 21 Day Fix. Aside from being a fitness expert, she is also a blogger and a model.

Purpose of 21 Day Fix

The main purpose of this wellness program is to achieve a fit and healthy body through the combination of regular exercise and a planned meal. The program is not only focused in women but also in men as long as they are willing to be healthy and fit.

Composition of 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix fitness program contains two main essentials in order to achieve certain results. It includes 30 to 40 minutes of work out and a well panned meal guide. In terms of the kind or type of exercise that you will experience in the 21 Day Fix, these workouts are easy to understand but very intense as well. All you need is the proper equipment that you will need in order to complete the exercise such as dumbbells and resistance band.

The nutrition guide in the 21 Day Fix is patterned to what Ms. Calabrese has been applying to her own diet. The composition of the fitness program is 30 percent work out and 70 percent diet or meal guide where you have to focus more on the food that you will be eating and how much you will actually take. Through 21 Day Fix, you will be provided with a well portioned container where you will put the amount of food you will eat every day. There is also a little time or space to munch in with desserts but only the minimal amount is preferred. If you are a beginner, you can avail the Basic 21 Day Fix pack and if you are an experienced or expert one, you can avail the Challenge Pack or the Ultimate 21 Day Fix pack.

Keeping a healthy and fit body is not an easy thing but is very achievable through the help of the new and effective fitness programs. You just have to be hard working, dedicated and optimistic that you can really attain your desired result.